Cray OpenSHMEMX is a proprietary SHMEM library implementation from Cray Inc.

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OpenSHMEM is a Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) library interface specification, which is the culmination of a standardization effort among many implementers and users of SHMEM programming model. SHMEM has a long history as a parallel programming model. It is extensively used since 1993, starting from Cray T3D systems. For the past two decades SHMEM library implementation in Cray systems evolved through different generations. The current generation of the SHMEM implementation for Cray XC and XK systems is called Cray SHMEM. Cray SHMEM is a proprietary SHMEM implementation from Cray Inc., which is OpenSHMEM standards compliant.

The next evolution of OpenSHMEM implementation for current and future generation Cray systems is called Cray OpenSHMEMX.

This repository contains public announcement information about the Cray OpenSHMEMX software stack including release information, updated manpages, performance optimization and tuning parameters, supported environments and systems, and general backward compatibility details.

Supported Platforms

Cray OpenSHMEMX is supported on both X86_64 and AARCH64 based Cray XC systems.

  1. On X86_64 systems, Cray SHMEM is still the production-ready implementation Cray OpenSHMEMX is released as a separate product from Cray SHMEM with plans to supersede the existing Cray SHMEM library in near future. Early access to Cray OpenSHMEMX library is provided for users to start migrating their existing applications to the new library.

  2. On AARCH64 systems, Cray OpenSHMEMX is the only available and supported SHMEM implementation by Cray Inc.


Recent updated manpage corresponding to the latest released version (version-8.0.0) can be accessed here.


The proper citation of Cray OpenSHMEMX is: Naveen Namashivayam, Bob Cernohous, Dan Pou, and Mark Pagel, “OpenSHMEM 2018: Fifth Workshop on OpenSHMEM and Related Technologies.” Baltimore, MD, August, 2018. “Introducing Cray OpenSHMEMX - A Modular Multi-Communication Layer OpenSHMEM Implementation.”

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Release Information

  1. Cray OpenSHMEMX - version 8.0.0
  2. Cray OpenSHMEMX - version 8.0.1


Version 8.0.0 is the first official release of the Cray OpenSHMEMX library.

The following features are released with Cray OpenSHMEMX 8.0.0:

  1. Cray OpenSHMEMX is OpenSHMEM 1.4 compliant with support for Communication contexts and sync operations, extended typed interface for RMA and AMO operations, bitwise AMOs, shmem_calloc, and shmem_test

  2. Initial support for XC50 with Cavium ThunderX2 Arm blades (AARCH64)

  3. To provide complete functional backward compatibility, the following Cray-specific flagship features are imported from Cray SHMEM and supported as part of the Cray OpenSHMEMX library.
    • Support for Teams and Team based collectives

    • Support for Thread-hot features along with thread-based memory ordering operations

    • Support for non-blocking atomic memory operations

    • Support for optimized put with signal RMA operation

    • Support for Cray-specific Generic RMA and AMO routines

    • Support for local node queries

    • Support for alltoallv and alltoallv packed collectives

  4. Cray OpenSHMEMX supports the OpenSHMEM deprecated Fortran Interface, using shmem.fh and shmemx.fh header files.

  5. See “Introducing Cray OpenSHMEMX” for more information on the new Cray OpenSHMEMX software product from Cray Inc.

  6. Initial support for Cray OpenSHMEMX man pages are derived from OpenSHMEM standards specification document


Cray OpenSHMEMX version 8.0.1 is released on July 2018.

The following features are released with Cray OpenSHMEMX 8.0.1:

  1. Support for Cray Thread-hot (THS) and OpenSHMEM communication contexts (CTX). In Cray OpenSHMEMX version 8.0.0, THS and CTX are two mutually exclusive features. From 8.0.1 THS and CTX can be used together in the same OpenSHMEM application. Please refer to “Updating Cray Thread-Hot Semantics for OpenSHMEM v1.4” for more information on using THS and CTX features together.

  2. Support for different CLE operating system releases. By default, Cray OpenSHMEMX is supported in CLE 6.0 UP05 and above systems. To use Cray OpenSHMEMX on older CLE systems adding -cray-openshmemx-ctx compiler flag will automatically select the appropriate library. See the intro_shmem(3) man page and “Cray OpenSHMEMX (SMP-DMAPP) on Different CLE Versions” whitepaper for more information on usage details.

  3. Multiple performance issues are fixed in 8.0.1 from version 8.0.0